Mia weights 15.5 pounds of squishy perfection.

She is growing so fast and in addition to the fast pace of life, I haven’t been bringing out the box of next size of clothing fast enough. I felt like I was doing laundry and going through the same few items because everything else in her closet was getting tight. Once the next sizes of baby clothing were brought into her nursery, it was like she had a whole new wardrobe. She is already in six month clothing! And along with her six month old clothing, she is in a size three diaper (yet I was squeezing her into the last box of size two diapers).


Nursing like a champ to this day. She loves eating every two hours during the day and often goes for one 6-8 hour stretch of sleep at night. Blessed with an abundant supply of milk and able to help other babies in need.


She is still sleeping throughout the day when needed. I can just tell in her eyes if I should hold her and help her go to sleep. She loves the blanket draped over her face to provide another barrier from the light. She loves to be cradled by her mommy. And she loves her Paci to soothe her to sleep.

I have been trying to take some time during Piper’s one nap time (roughly 1-3pm) to cuddle Mia and get some intimate bonding time with Mia. Not to mention, just allow her to rest in my arms because with two kids under two years old, it is hard to just relax and hold baby Mia.


Piper and Mia are so precious to watch. What a blessing they will have each other to grow up to play and experience life together – as sisters. Piper loves to lay down with Mia on the play mat. Mia enjoyed watching Piper and interacting with her as much as possible, unless Piper’s voice gets too loud and high pitch (giggle). Seeing them together makes my heart grow even more, especially the big sister and young little girl that Piper is growing into. I can see Piper’s love for Mia and I am excited to see their sisterhood grow even more so.

New News

Mia pulls up her knees when she is on tummy time. This is especially notable to us because Piper hated tummy time and refused to crawl, and therefore, she scooted. It appears that Mia may be a crawler.

She is starting to really enjoy chatting at certain times of the day, but still considered the most quiet and happy baby in the world.

Loves grabbing and sucking on her toes/socks.

Starting laughing, which is more like a gasp of air with a huge smile.

Absolutely loves bath time. It is so fun to watch her. As soon as her body hits the seat in the water, she starts flaying and kicking with her arms and legs.

Started sucking her lower lip which is mighty cute.

…And went on our first vacation to Caldera Springs as a family of four (see photos below).


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