First of all, this blog may be lacking some details and I am very sad about this… I wrote a long, beautiful blog but it was not saved somehow! It may be much shorter than the first one, but I will do my best to recall my blog and share with you the beautiful, special time of Mia’s life as a now three month old (a favorite age of mine).


Mia is nursing every 2-3 hours during the day (closer to 3 hours most days). She sometimes makes an 7-8 hour stretch at night if I’m lucky, and if not, then she will go roughly 5-6 hours. With the only long stretch at night, and the continued 2-3 hours during the day – she is nursing perfectly and I’m producing enough milk (plus more).


Mia is our second angel baby, as I’ve mentioned in previous blogs. She is still sleeping in a Docatot, in an Arms Reach Cosleeper, next to my side of the bed. It’s a blessing having her next to me, just a reach away, and she’s such a quiet baby – you wouldn’t even know she is in the room! In addition, she has been sleeping through most trips/errands outside of the house.

Fun Mia Facts

Still smiling so much

Goes through more laundry than the rest of the family, with Piper in second place

Loves Ergo carrier

Becoming so aware of her surroundings and if mama is holding her or near

Looking and interested in toys

Loves her sister (90% of the time) – also cries when Piper cries (pray for me)

Went to Sunriver with Levi’s side of the family and here are photos from our trip:

More photos of our beautiful three month old:


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