Healthy Baby

Mia didn’t have her two month appointment until ten weeks of age. At her ten week appointment, Mia weighted 13.5 pounds (86th percentile), 24.3 inches (97th percentile), and not that it matters, a 16 inch head circumference (95th percentile). Four days before she turned two months old, Mia had to go to Doernbecher Children’s Hospital for her kidneys and she weighed 12 pounds and 9 ounces. She is growing quickly and I often get the “what a healthy baby” comment.

My “healthy baby” is growing out of her clothing even faster than her sister did. She is already in 3 month clothing and going into 3-6 month clothing as well.

Speaking of Doernbecher, I can explain. During an ultrasound in my pregnancy, they noticed there was too much fluid in both of Mia’s kidneys. I was nervous but a likely possibility would be her kidneys healing on their own. After she was born, the ultrasound in the hospital still showed fluid in her kidneys. Another ultrasound was done after her first doctors appointment, which also showed the fluid. And that is when she was referred to Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. After an ultrasound and an appointment with one of the best urologist, we found out that her right kidney is perfect but her left kidney isn’t. There is still hope that her left kidney will heal on its own, just like her right side did. I am praying for this. At this time, her left kidney is between a 2-3 on a scale of 1 to 4. We will need to go back up to Doernbecher in a few months for another ultrasound.


Mia is nursing every two hours during the day. At night time, she often goes one big stretch of roughly six hours.

My view while nursing… haha!

Angel Baby

Mia is our second angel baby. She loves sleeping in our room, in her docatot, in the cosleeper, next to my side of the bed, and swaddled tightly (occasionally with a pacifier). She pretty much never cries (I’m sorry to my close mama friends that cannot relate to this, but I’m sure I’ll go through my hair-pulling times when these two sisters become teenagers). During the night she wakes up after her long stretch of sleep and grunts/moves around until I pick her up, change her and feed her. The routine in the middle of the night looks something like this: take Mia out of her sleepsack, change diaper, nurse, burp, put back in sleepsack and check diaper, burp again, sometimes pacifier and set back down in docatot.

Fun Mia Facts

Holding head up

Discovered her hand

Starting to coo/gurgle/chat

Likes looking out the window

Loves being swaddled

Big time spit up baby and best to be burped for 20 minutes post nursing

Enjoys being in a carrier on mama’s chest (pictures below from the birthday bbq for my brother Freddy)

Has the funniest hair line and I love it

Loves docatot

Mia’s cousin, Lazlo, was born one month and one day after her!

Great traveler (I’m still amazed at everything you need to pack for two babies under the age of two!)



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