A good friend once told me that “the days are long, but the weeks are short” and oh, was she right! Though the days felt long as I worried about Mia, healed through the pain, and adjusted to life with two baby girls, this first month of Mia’s life flew by so quickly.

Weight & Length

If you read Mia’s Birth Story Blog, you may recall that Mia was born at 7 pounds 13 ounces and 21.75 inches long. Although, the length may have been incorrect as it is so hard to measure a crying, wiggling newborn, and for the fact that she was also 21.75 inches long at a one month and one week appointment.

It is common for babies to lose weight after they are born. A newborn should be back to their birth weight by two weeks old. For Mia, this was not an issue. At her two week appointment, she weighed 8 pounds and 13 ounces – a WHOLE pound over her birthweight.

We didn’t get to weigh her at exactly one month, but when Mia was five weeks old, she weighed 10 pounds 13 ounces! You go, girlfriend.

Clothed With Beauty

Mia gained her weight back much quicker than Piper did – thank goodness that was not a worry that we had for Mia. Mia started in newborn sized baby clothing, and quickly grew out of her newborn items. Piper was in newborn for a lot longer and as a “smart” mama, I bought tons of newborn items to be prepared this time (and then we didn’t end up needing them… oops). Mia was in 0-3 month and a few 3 month old clothing in a blink of an eye.

Breast is Best

Mia was born to be a nurser. She came out already knowing how to nurse. This could also be due to her mama knowing what the heck she was doing this time around. Mia never had an issue even with her mama being engorged, which was such a blessing. If you read the Bringing Mia Home Blog, you would already know the struggle she had with her jaundice levels and how important it was for her to eat as much as possible. She was nursing about every two hours during the day and every 3.5 hours at night (on occasion up to 5 hours).

Nighty Night

We had another little angel baby (thus far – fingers crossed). When Mia was first born, I woke up her every 2-3 hours during the night because we needed to focus on volume and flushing the jaundice out of her system. After she no longer needed jaundice testing, I let her sleep until she wanted to eat again. She slept so good, only waking us up three times a night (sometimes only two times).

Fun Mia Facts

Mia loves to be held.

Always calms down with mama.

Has the cutest little snore while sleeping.

Doesn’t cry often.

Is loved by her big sister.

Mia tolerates Piper “helping”, kissing and being so loud.

She loves to be swaddled.

Loves cuddling on mama’s chest.

Sleeps great when the car is moving but doesn’t like stop lights (reminds us exactly of Piper).

Smiling already and it’s beautiful!

Mia is the perfect addition to our family.

We love you, Mia Pepper.


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