SWEET DREAMS, Eight-Month-Old Baby Girl

Wait one second while I dry my tears…


Let me just start by saying SLEEP TRAINING EQUALS TEARS.

Okay, let me explain.

I know everyone has their opinions about whether or not to let your baby sleep in the same room, same bed, own crib, separate room, etc. There is nothing wrong with having an opinion, but I have learned that all babies are different, so hold back your comments before you make a judgement.

The famous last words: “I will never…” I can’t count how many times I said this phrase and went against my word. When Piper was born, she was naturally a perfect sleeper (sorry mamas to sleepless babies). I woke her up during the night for feedings to make sure she was eating and gaining weight (which is obviously not a concern of our anymore, thanks to her thunder thighs). She slept in a bassinet that was beside my bed. I could reach over to feel her chest rising and falling, slip her pacifier back into her mouth, or simply comfort her. We hit a month where sleep regression kicked in and she began sleeping a little more lightly. After waking up during the night and spending countless times walking back and forth in our bedroom to put her back to sleep, I did the unthinkable (in my mind)…. I pulled her into my arms and into our bed.

I was completely against co-sleeping, but as a large-eye-bags mama, she fell asleep in my arms while we were laying down. She was then old enough to squirm or push against me when uncomfortable, and I liked that fact because I always feared bringing her into bed at a very young age. This started a habit. Each night Piper would wake up after roughly 3-4 hours of sleep in her bassinet and she would want to come into bed with me. She would nurse laying down and fall sound asleep. It was such a precious time snuggling my baby girl. It all appeared so very cute, until she began waking up to the smell of my milk inches away from her face ALL throughout the night. The eye-bags came back. My sweet, loving, supportive husband and I were no longer getting sleep, and I knew I had to do something.

I explained all of this to our absolutely amazing doctor and she said “oh no, no, honey.” She encouraged me to read a few articles and try sleep training. I laughed in my head when she said those two words. “Very funny”, I thought, “as if I am going to set down my baby while she is crying for me”.

We came home that night and slept little to none. Sleep training. Sleep training. Sleep training. It kept running through my head, so I read the articles. It didn’t seem that bad and I didn’t have to leave her in the crib for long until I could comfort her.

Let me also remind you that I wrote about attempting sleep training in a previous blog. We tried to do it around five or six months of age, and after a couple of minutes, my husband and I couldn’t take it, so she went into bed with me. That was the extent of our first attempt.

This time, she was a little older (7 months and 7 days to be exact). My advice is to listen to your mama (or dada) heart and start when you are comfortable and ready. I definitely needed encouragement from the doctor, friends, and family, as well as the extra push from sleepless nights. I set her in the crib, tip-toed out, and began to hear the cries. I believe I waited two whole minutes until I rushed in the room and quietly comforted her with the words that “mama loves you” and “its night-night time, baby girl.” I wrote down the time I checked her on my phone and checked her in another five minutes. Let me point out, in these five minutes that went by, she didn’t cry non-stop… that was me. I am sure I cried more than she did.

It was about the second hardest thing I’ve done in life. But we made it! And let me tell you, not only am I getting better sleep, more importantly, Piper is! It is so important that the little quickly growing body is getting much better sound sleep at night. This is what worked for us, but I understand that every baby, mama, dada, and family is different.

As I was taking notes during the sleep training, I wrote: “I feel sick to my stomach but I don’t know if it is from the dairy I ate, or from sleep training my baby.”

Alright, Alright… enough about sleep training!



Piper loves chatting and her baby talk is so sweet. When I ask Piper to “say mama,” Piper mouths “ma – ma” with her lips but no real words come out just yet! It’s too cute.


She loves going on walks in her stroller.

She loves visiting daddy at work.


Piper celebrated her first 4th of July. I won’t get started about how the 4th of July celebration is no longer a favorite of mine, due to having a sleeping baby while neighbors are setting off fireworks. BUT I do love America and love celebrating the reason behind the holiday (I could just live without the fireworks) *end rant*.

Piper had her very first swimming lesson! Our dear friend, Tiffany, took time out of her day to meet us at the pool for our first private swimming lesson. Though Piper was a little hesitant about getting in the chilled, large pool, she quickly grew to love it. I believe swimming is Piper’s new favorite activity (mama’s too).

During this past month, we had some of my family visit from out-of-state. Piper was spoiled with not only family time and her adorable second-cousins, she was also blessed with a little photo shoot from my cousin’s talented wife, Amanda. Below are a few shots that she snapped!



In the excerpt for this blog, I mentioned the story behind Piper’s eight-month-old outfit choice. My mother (Piper’s grandmother) purchased this dress at a second hand store when she was praying for a baby girl of her own one day. God is faithful in His timing. Piper is more than an answer to prayer. She is someone I didn’t know how badly I needed. God sure does give you what you need in life and blesses you with people like my baby girl, Piper Lindsey.



2 thoughts on “PIPER IS EIGHT MONTHS

  1. That is beautiful Katlin. Yes, when the boys were young, yet no sight of any more babies, that little dress, tucked away in my hope chest, held the impossible dream of one day having a baby girl of my own. That little dress is a powerful reminder of God’s love for me, His amazing grace. And now, He doubled down on that secret prayer.
    You, And Piper.
    Never in my wildest dreams.
    He is so so Good to me.
    I will forever praise Him.


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