Levi and I have gone on many trips together, but this was our first trip as a family of three. I don’t know how someone so small needs more than Levi and I combined. Have you ever taken a trip with an infant? We packed the car full: stroller, stroller insert, carseat, pack-and-play, DocAtot, Boppy pillow, Bumbo seat, walker, toys, diaper bag, and the list goes on.

Side note: this is just a vacation with one child. What do we do when we have three or four (hint hint to my husband) and where do we put everything once the kids are packed into the car?! If you have an answer to this question, post it in the comments below please and thank you.


We did our best to plan the departure of our trip around Piper’s nap and feeding schedule. Piper was such a good traveler as she slept 2.5 hours on our trip to Sunriver, Oregon.

We kept it classy and stopped for food at TacoBell. Once we arrived to Sunriver, we were early (as we expected the trip to take longer with many stops for baby girl). We were able to walk around the Sunriver Village and enjoy our start to the vacation. We stopped at the coffee shop, Brewed Awakenings, and while Piper napped, my husband and I had a nice coffee date.


Once we were able to check in, we went back to our room and relaxed. I cooked dinner and after Piper went to bed, we watched a movie together (it felt like years since we have watched a whole movie together). I am so thankful for this time that we had together as husband and wife, as life has been going a million miles an hour.


The next morning, Piper and I woke up early and cuddled while daddy slept in. To start the day, we went to Brewed Awakenings. After our cup of Joe, the family drove into Bend to go to the Old Mil District, where we had lunch, walked, and shopped.

All of the fun had worn out everyone, so next was nap time and a quite afternoon at the room. Levi and I also played card games while Piper sat on her Bumbo playing with toys. After I beat Levi in card games (wink), it was time for an amazing dinner at our favorite – Sunriver Brewing Co.

Piper and I called it an early night, as sleeping has been a little bit of a struggle for her, and therefore, me too.



Can you guess how we started our morning?! If you guessed Brewed Awakenings, you are correct. Afterwards, we walked around The Village and went to a delicious brunch.

This vacation has been everything that we needed: time together as a family, time away from the busyness of life, and time to do nothing. We played more card games and rested, as it was especially deserved for my hard working husband.

Although it was tempting to stay in our room and continue to relax together, I encouraged us to get out and go do something fun while we were on vacation. My husband thanked me for this encouragement and had such a good time at breweries in Bend. The breweries we went to included Crux and 10 Barrel. We ended the night with spending roughly 100 dollars in the expensive Sunriver grocery store on ice cream and played more games in our cozy room.


Happy Mother’s Day to ME!

I called last year my first Mother’s Day because baby girl was brewing in my tummy, but this truly felt like my first Mother’s Day. I have not experienced the joy, challenges, and overwhelming love that comes along with motherhood.


For Mother’s Day, Levi took me to my favorite breakfast place in Sunriver/Bend area and got me a fancy drink at Brewed Awakenings on our way out of town.

We then traveled home to see our Mothers, and our little trooper did great in the car once again.

This trip was such a blessing and it was much needed. I feel like the luckiest mama in the world to have Piper Lindsey, the support of my amazing husband, and all of the amazing mothers in our lives, including the woman who gave me life and sacrifices for me still to this day. Cheers and claps for all of the mothers out there that love their children. Remind yourself that no mother is perfect and to give yourself grace daily.


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