Piper is growing so quickly. Each new thing she does is so exciting and I fall in love with her more each day (when I didn’t know my heart could love her more).

At her nine month appointment, Piper weighed 20 pounds and 13 ounces (86%). Her head circumference is 17.9 inches (82%). Last but not least, Piper is 29.5 inches tall (97%)!


As you can see, she is such a tall baby girl. Those cute little toes were hanging over her infant car seat, which made me research the next step for a convertible car seat. I ended up purchasing a Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Carseat. The carseat is wonderful in every way (safety, extended leg room, comfort, etc.), except you cannot take the seat in and out of the car. With the infant car seat (as many can relate), when Piper fell asleep, I could take the carseat out and keep her comfortable and resting. With the new convertible car seat, I have to take her out of the seat completely. With that being said, when did you make the switch? I have found myself using both of these car seats still.


“Is she crawling yet” is a question that I get often. Nope, she scoots. She very slowly can work herself by scooting her bottom forward and back, hoping to make forward progression. When I was a baby, I carried my Pooh Bear everywhere. I created my own crawl of scooting on my bottom with one arm, leaving the other arm open to carry my Pooh. I believe Piper is taking after my footsteps, and I must say, it’s mighty cute.

Piper scooted close to her cousin Corrie.

Piper (unfortunately) is learning to through little fits. Although, we don’t let them happen and distract her quickly. But sometimes mama has to walk in the other room for a minute, or forbid, go the bathroom by herself. Her fits are cute and we work on not smiling when she throws her head to the side, or occasionally sets her head down.

Patients is a virtue, baby girl.


Speaking of through fits, when she cries, she often makes the sounds “ma” “ma.” I love hearing those sounds come out of her mouth, even though I know she doesn’t know what she is saying. I try to say, “yes, say mama!”

For a good amount of time, she would fall asleep when she was bounced up and down, making noises (like “ahhhhh”) that changed with the bouncing. This was often a tactic that grandparents used to put her to sleep.

Sleep – that reminds me. If you haven’t purchased a baby monitor yet, I highly recommend you purchase a Lollipop. I could spend all day listing the reasons why I like this monitor, but let me point out three of my favorite things. 1) The picture quality is amazing and you can snap pictures of the monitor screen to capture special pictures and moments. 2) It is on your phone. Lets say I ran to the store while daddy stayed home and I wanted to see what she was doing. I could pull up my app and hear/view my babygirl from anywhere. 3) When there is a sound or cry, the monitor takes a 30 second video. I can go back and look at what she was doing, if she was really awake, and so forth. This app has been a blessing and just look at the difference below!

Top: Previous monitor; Bottom: Lollipop monitor


Piper was the most adorable flower girl. My best friend from high school, my bestie, got married and I felt so honored when she asked Piper to be her flower girl (while she was still in mommy’s tummy). It was a beautiful day, a beautiful wedding, and the most beautiful flower girl. And yes, she was holding hands with the groomsmen next to us, and no, we didn’t know him (so precious).



The wedding as north 3 1/2 hours, so we made a wonderful weekend getaway out of it and thanks to my dad, stayed in a nice hotel, swam, went on dates, and was able to stay an extra day to see my brother Justin, his fiancé Brit, and piper’s cousin Max!


Piper loves skin. For the longest time, Piper rubs my skin (usually my arm) when she gets tired. The most precious time is nursing her before bedtime, and feeling her tiny little fingers rub my skin.

Piper also loves clapping, waving, swimming, “talking”, lots of fruits and vegetables, and playing “where’s Piper?”

“Where’s Piper?” is a game we play when she is near by or in our arms. We look all over the room, moving our head and eyes, while saying “Where’s Piper?” Then we suddenly look at here and say “there you are!” She gets a kick out of it every time.


Instead of simply saying “no”, I am working on saying “no thank you” to Piper. Piper is not a fan of the sun in her eyes, missing naps, seeing mama in the same room and me not picking her up ever 5-10 minutes (haha). She is so good at playing by herself, as the workers in the nursery at church say that she can just sit down and play with toys by herself for hours, but she is a mama’s girl (thats for sure)!




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