Our little ginger baby is changing so quickly before our eyes! It is crazy how much change happens in one month. Piper is more coordinated with both hands and is getting to be so active. She shakes her arms at people as if she is waving, but when they wave back, she is confused. Her wave is either a flapping arm or an open and close of the hand (palm facing up…SO cute!) In addition to being a busy baby and waving, Piper blows bubbles, fake coughs, sucks top lip, sticks her tongue out, and makes a gasping sound that can scare you if you don’t know that she is doing it on purpose.


Piper weighs about 19.7 pounds, is 27 5/8 inches in length, and her head circumference is 17 1/2 inches! She is absolutely perfect.


Previously, Piper is okay with avocado and strongly dislikes green beans and peas. Next, we tried butternut squash, rice cereal, and watermelon. She was cordial with butternut squash. She didn’t like rice cereal. And she loves watermelon.

I forgot to mentioned one thing. This is not new news and judge if you may, but Piper is obsessed with La Croix (natural flavored sparkling waters). This mama has been substituting soda pop with La Croix and often shares a sip or two with Piper.

We have continued to experiment baby foods with Piper, but she still loves her breastmilk most of all. I know it is too much, but she was nursing an average of 8-9 times a day. Her thunder thighs are telling me that she doesn’t need to be nursing that often, even if she thinks differently.



Now, speaking of nursing many times a day, Piper was still waking up too many times during the night to nurse and cuddle with mommy. My husband and I soaked up the cuddles and will cherish the sweet memories of having our baby girl near us in bed. As we are cherishing these moments, we also know that it is almost time to help our baby sleep in her own room and be able to sleep longer without waking her up. Stay tuned to our action being put into plan during this next month.



Piper is not digging being alone (when mommy goes in another room as her), being too tired, or too hungry. She always has a reason for crying and has been such a good baby.


Piper loves watching other kiddos. She loves all doggies especially her chocolate lab (Albert)! And piper continues to love bath time, nursing, playing with daddy, her walker, and car rides.

Mommy and daddy started to make “date night” a weekly thing if possible. Although we miss baby girl, we are making it a priority to get out once a week and spend one-on-one time with each other. Take notes: never stop dating your significant other.

More photo’s of Piper (every date is a blessing with this angel):


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