On April 7th, 2018, Piper turned five months old! I am loving all of the new stages Piper is going through, but time is quickly flying by (as you can tell by being behind three months on my blog!) Piper can stay sitting up by herself with very little assistance, but often tips over when balance is lost. She is not a fan of tummy time, but we squeeze it in when we can so that she can work on her arms, core strength, and the possibility of crawling.

Piper had her first Easter, where she dressed in a cute Easter dress to church and got her first Easter basket, along with baskets from the grandparents. She also had her first St. Patty’s Day… she is Irish if you can’t tell (thanks to her daddy), but don’t kiss her because you have germs (haha, this mama is laughing, but I mean it). 


This mama has also taken on a way to earn income from her smart phone by working with an online all natural, plant-based health and wellness company. Piper stayed at her nana’s house while her mama worked at Starbucks a few times. Leaving Piper even for short periods of time can be difficult, but I am thankful we have so many amazing and trustworthy family members that are happy to watch Piper. 


Piper does not like it when mama leaves her sight, when she is too tired, or the sun is too bright in her eyes.


Our baby girl loves the jumper/saucer at the church nursery, walks in her big girl stroller, cruising around in her walker, toys (specifically her dolly), nursing, nighttime chats with daddy, bath time, and her newest cousin Corrie!

More pictures of the beautiful Piper Lindsey:






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