I think I say this every month; I can’t believe Piper is already four months! This month has been an exciting one. She laughed for the first time! Her laugh is rare, but it is the absolute cutest thing on earth. She also rolled over from front to back for the first time! She is definitely a mommy’s girl, and to be honest, I’m totally okay with that! She is growing up so quickly to be the most beautiful, precious, dainty little girl.


Piper weighs 15.8 pounds and is in the 77% percentile. She went up in her percentile, but I believe this all belongs to her beautiful, curvy thighs! Piper is 26.4 inches tall, which is the 100% percentile!!! No wonder she is growing out of her clothing (length and thigh wise) so quickly! She is perfection, if you ask me.


Piper is still a wonderful sleeper (thank you, Jesus). She has a couple nights that she woke up a number of times, but normally she sleeps from 9:00pm till 5:00am. She has outgrown sleeping in the DocATot and I am slowly trying to get her use to not having her arms swaddled against her body in her sleep sack. Nothing is more precious than looking at a peaceful sleeping baby. I am convinced she is an angel.


Piper is a big fan of snuggling and nursing. She goes the eight hour stretch at nighttime, but the rest of the day, she wants to be nursed every 2-3 hours. I am working on stretching out the time during the day, but she would rather have smaller (nursing) snacks every two hours. I deeply treasure my time nursing her (despite the pain that she causes when she thinks it is fun to throw her head back).


She dislikes not seeing her mommy or daddy. She also dislikes being set down for a period of time and teething (poor baby). Her list of loves is far greater than her dislikes. She is a very sweet baby when her mommy or daddy is near, she is fed, and has had a nap.


She loves the TV… I know, I know. We don’t purposefully let her watch TV, but if there is one in any room, she will find it. She still loves taking baths, especially since she has learned that her movements allow her to splash in the water. She also loves being held, walking and looking around, her rattle bunny, teething toys, rocking, and of course nursing.



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