Going out on a date is so special when you have children!

We have a three-month old baby girl, named Piper.

Though she is our angel, it is so nice to spend time alone with my husband and enjoy each other’s company without the crying, dirty diapers, or spit up.

My lovely mother, Piper’s grandma, came over to watch Piper (thank you grandma). I breastfed Piper and we ran out the door!

I was thankful for the occasional picture or text when I glanced at my phone to know Piper was okay and happy.

Even though I took a couple glances at my phone, I left it to the side and spent the time speaking about our time together, future plans, and my awesome hubby.

It was just what we needed. And maybe it is what you need too! I dare you to make special plans to take your significant other out to a nice meal, put effort into your appearance, open the door for them, set your phone aside, and talk. Chat, laugh, and look into each other’s eyes. You’ll be thanking me.

Tonight was wonderful. My husband looked handsome as ever and drove me to one of the nicest restaurants in town. We shared a lovely, fancy, and delicious meal together, and then to stay on the classy note… stopped at DQ on the way home for dessert.

I am so thankful that I get to spend Valentines with the most amazing husband and the best daddy to our little girl. I will have to share you, but I wouldn’t want our little girl’s first valentine to be anyone else. She is lucky to have you, as am I!


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