My husband, Levi, is a man of many talents.

He has so many interests and takes joy in multiple hobbies and activities. Here are some of that come to mind immediately:

Social Butterfly

Levi is so gifted with people. He can carry on conversations smoothly and enjoys talking to others anywhere and anytime. It is such a great gift to have when asked about your faith or taking an opportunity to share about Jesus. This is a talent that I admire because we are polar opposites. I do not have the best social skills. We have always said that we balanced each other out. If it wasn’t for me, Levi would overload himself with friends and never be home. And if it wasn’t for Levi, I would NEVER leave the house. Thank you for dragging me out of the house, spouse.

Sports Nerd

Yes, my husband is completely a sports nerd (it’s okay, he knows I call him that). I can ask him any question about a game or a player and he is able to almost always answer. It is actually fun for him to be quizzed. He loves sports so much that he actually started his own podcast called Chappell Brothers (check them out)! He owns a million sports cards, loves playing any kind of competitive game (real life or Xbox), and enjoys watching every sport on TV. He is super knowledgeable and I am so proud of him creating his own podcast to get some of this talent shared with other nerds. I still love you, Levi.


Levi is very talented musically. He can play drums incredibly well. He could easily be a drummer for any band (hello out there, anyone need a drummer?) and plays beautifully for our church. Even if he hasn’t touched a drumstick in awhile, he can pick them up and play like it’s nothing. I do not understand this, as I have no musical gifts. I pray that Piper gets her rhythm and musical gifts from her Daddy, not her Mommy!


Levi is always busy working hard to provide for our family. And he sure takes care of us! He works so hard and allows this mommy to fulfill her dream of staying home. If he had more time on his hands, you would be seeing lots of his wood working skills. He has made beautiful coat racks, blanket ladders, mail/key holders, wine and whiskey racks, and benches. Thank you husband for the beautiful items you have made me.


This man has become so tech-savvy! This goes hand-in-hand with working so hard. He has learned so much through his job at Carrot and his podcast. Not only is he amazing at his job and his podcast, he has taken on new interest like videography. We recently went to the local Wildlife Safari, where he played with videography for the first time. View his first video. Levi, I am so thankful I can ask for your help on technology and I am so proud of the ways you have used this gift. Keep it up, husband, because you are so gifted.


Levi you are a hole-in-one. Now, watch out everyone. When given Levi some time on the course, he will knock your socks off. He is an incredible golfer. I am very thankful he had golf as one of his hobbies because it is a sport he can continue to play for the rest of his life. Who knows, maybe we will retire with a beautiful house on the golf course. It is also something that I hope my children do with their daddy. Babe, you are a very amazing golfer. As I stated on our wedding day, I vow to always go golfing with you.


My husband is a provider. He provides for his family daily through his hard work. He also provides by putting lots of meat in our freezer for our family. Not to mention, I am proud of your 5 x 6 buck this year. Thank you for using this interest and talent in a way that blesses our family.

Growing A Beard

Hubba Hubba! No need to say more, see photo below.


I’m not sure love is considered a talent. But he is truly the best husband. He loves me even during the times when he doesn’t like me. Even at my worst, he has stood by my side. He works on ways where he can make me feel loved and it definitely makes me feel loved and blessed. Not to mention, his connection with Piper and his love for that baby girl is unreal. I feel so loved by you, Levi. Thank you for always loving me and thank you for being the best Daddy to our baby girl. She will forever be thankful for your love too.

Happy birthday, handsome.

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