I can’t believe our baby girl is three months old already! She is growing at a rapid rate, especially her cheeks. In addition to her cheeks, there are many other changes happening.


She is super aware (for a three-month old)! She knows her mommy and daddy very well, and doesn’t like it when she watches one of us walk out of the room. She is learning to grab, especially daddy’s beard and mommy’s hair. Speaking of hair… she plays with her own hair and uses it as a soothing mechanism (it is the cutest thing). If her hand is not in her hair, it would be gently laying over her eye to keep the light out. She is also conquering tummy time by completely being able to hold her head up and pretty much mastering the sphinx pose in yoga!


Here is something big (for me)! Now before I say it… I have to say that EVERY mom is so different. And that’s OKAY! Some would say it is too soon, and others would say it is way too late. But I left her for the first time!!! ย The first time I left her was when she was asleep in my dad’s arms (her grandpa). I had to drop off our puppy for a spa-day (grooming appointment). It was only a fifteen minute round trip, but it was the perfect little baby step for this mama bear. Now, the first time I left her for a period of time was on the day she turned three months. The day she turned three months was also my amazing, handsome husband’s birthday. I surprised him by inviting my mother-in-law over (Piper’s nana) and having her watch Piper while we went to dinner between Piper’s feedings. It was a lovely date, we didn’t talk about Piper, and spent quality time together. NEVER stop dating your spouse, ladies!



Since we didn’t have a three-month doctors appointment, we didn’t get an exact measurement. But she is about 13 pounds and 13 ounces! She is still the most beautiful baby girl in the world!



Our baby girl is still sleeping like an angel (I’m sorry to the mom’s out there getting zero sleep). We often start to get ready for bed around 8:30pm, and by 9:30pm she is usually asleep… for eight hours. Yes, I said eight hours. She is consistently sleeping an average of eight hours each night, and then is needing to nurse for the rest of the day every 2-3 hours.

If she goes to bed around 9:30pm, we are often up nursing again by 5:30am. After the 5:30am feeding, we attempt to fall back asleep for another hour or two. After this attempt, we are up for the day! She loves waking up and having play time. After a fun hour of play time, she wears herself out and goes down for a morning nap. She spends the majority of the day awake, with small cat naps taken here and there.



As mentioned above, she is nursing every 2-3 hours, except with an eight hour stretch at night. Nursing is finally going much better! For the first couple of months, I was still experiencing a good amount of pain, but we pushed through and (mamas out there) IT’S WORTH IT!

In addition to nursing becoming less painful, it has been so enjoyable to have this special bond with Piper. She is so calmed by breastfeeding. She is becoming more aware and more able to keep eye contact. In the middle of nursing, she will pull away and look up at me with a smile from ear to ear, sometimes with a coo. This just melts my heart into a puddle!



As mentioned above and with her awareness growing, she is becoming unsure about strangers. She dislikes it when she doesn’t recognize the person and her mommy is not in sight. I share her and want her to be comfortable with others, but I am also okay with the fact that she loves her mommy and daddy so much.

She also is starting to get scared of sudden sounds like unexpected cupboards shutting or something dropping on the floor. She is quite used to our chocolate lab, Albert, but once in a while his bark will startle her.


She loves mirrors, especially during play time. She loves being rocked (her grandpa Fred is an excellent rocker in her opinion). She loves being in her mommy’s arms. She loves when Levi comes home from work and absolutely loves night-time chats with her daddy.




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