Piper is two months already! I can not believe it, but at the same time it feels like she has been with me my whole life.

Above is a picture of Piper in a clothing item that her mommy wore 25 years ago!

I am currently typing this blog as she is snuggled up in my arms. We got home from her doctors appointment minutes ago. Luckily, her daddy/my wonderful husband met us there to be my rock… or else I would have cried louder than her. Nothing is worse than watching your baby get vaccinations. Now, vaccinations is a very debated topic and everyone has their opinions. Therefore, I won’t go there. But this is a good chance to talk about another topic…

Let each mom and dad parent their own children. I admit I would look at other parents and say “I am not going to do that to my children” or “I don’t think that is right.” After having a baby of my own, I realized that it is important for every mommy and daddy to parent the way they think is best for their baby. Whether the topic is vaccinations, feeding, or anything else, I admire all parents out there who love their little ones and do what they think is best.

So, give yourself a little more slack. If you are doing what you think is best for your little one, then you are a great parent.

Two photos above are from our first date night as a family of three. I thanked Piper for sleeping the whole date so mommy & Daddy could have a nice time together at McMinnemins.

This past month has been my favorite. I’ve watched my baby girl constantly coo at her mommy and smile at her daddy. She is such a happy and loving baby.

Weight & Length

Piper has continued to grow, which her chubby cheeks have made this obvious. I guessed she would be in the 10-11 pound range, while Levi guessed 12 pounds. At her two month appointment, Piper is a perfect 12 pounds and 1 ounce, and she is 23 inches long. Levi was extremely close. I was way off as I couldn’t believe my little, tiny baby girl has grown that much.

I should have known better because of her adorable chubby cheeks, thunder thighs, and the start of wrist rolls.

She has grown out of her newborn clothing, and is growing out of 0-3 month old clothing items. She is now fitting in 3 month sizes! With all of the beautiful baby girl clothing, I hope that we have another girl down the road!

These pictures show such a growth over the past month. Baby girl loves her bath time.


It’s not always a walk in the park!

Is that how the saying goes? My husband always says I get sayings wrong. It is true – nursing isn’t easy. This month it has gotten much better, but it is still painful. It continues to get better as my milk is adjusting to Piper’s needs and the time spent nursing has been very bonding.


Piper started by nursing every 3-5 hours at night and now does even longer stretches. First, Piper sleeps one longer stretch for about 5-7 hours (between feedings), and the next stretch is often 3-4 hours. For the rest of the day, Piper continues to nurse every 2-3 hours as she needs.

She is still such a good sleeper. Thank you, Jesus.


Piper dislikes cold water, her pacifier falling out, and stop signs. She is becoming more comfortable with her carseat, but she likes to be moving at times. I carry her straight to the car and get moving. She is kept happy until we come up to stop sign. When the car stops moving, she often begins to cry.


This month Piper has discovered quite a few favorites. Piper loves to coo. Often if you talk to her, she will coo back, which is absolutely adorable. Piper also loves smiling big with an open mouth, snuggling in cradle position against my chest, being held over my shoulder to look around, and of course, nursing.

Dressing her up is so fun. She is a beautiful little doll.

I love the age of two months and looking forward to experiencing so many more with you, Piper. Mommy and daddy love you!


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