Uber dropped us off, we entered the bar and walked to the back of the building where a reserved table was labeled for us (thanks brother). We drank lots of champagne, stood under the balloons dropping from the ceiling, and smooched! This was a great entrance to 2017. My husband and I both had a feeling it was going to be a big year… and man, we were right!

At the beginning of 2017, I was working as an accountant at a local accounting firm and had just moved up to a bigger office and position. Levi was going to college online full-time, in addition to working at a local coffee shop. In January, my lovely sister-in-law got married. And shortly after this, we found out that we were pregnant. Even though we definitely wanted kids, this came to us as a surprise. I continued to work during the pregnancy through the first trimester sickness. With the support of my amazing husband, I was able to leave my job and focus on preparing for this little one to be in our lives. My husband graduated with his Bachelors and was hired at Carrot, a local software and marking company for real estate investors and agents. We traveled all the way to Ireland with baby Piper in my tummy. Life seemed to be going great and we were so thankful for the healthy baby growing inside me. This year took a turn when we heard the news that my brother had been in a terrible motorcycle accident. Sadly, we lost my brother this year at 40 years young (blog like to Freddy Got His Wings.)A month and three days later, our sweet baby girl, Piper Lindsey, was born into the world (blog link to Piper’s Birth Story.) God knew we deeply needed her. She is one big reason I got through the sadness and she is the joy that helps me push on day by day. We are ending the year by enjoying the first holidays as a family of three. You can also read the blog of Piper’s First Christmas.

That is two-thousand-and-seventeen in a nutshell. The lowest of lows and the highest of highs.

No matter what kind of day that I have, God promises us new mercies every morning!

And thank you Jesus!

I am excited for what God has in store in 2018.

I admit, my New Years resolution is often to loose a few pounds. But this year, it’s different. I am embracing the “mom-bod.” No, that doesn’t mean I’m giving up. It means that I’m not going to be as hard on myself, but rather accepting myself as God made me. I will be focusing on things in life that matter more. Here are five that I will be working on in 2018:

1. Read my Bible more and grow closer to Jesus

2. Drink more water and eat/cook healthier (Thanks mom for the blue apron trial gift)!

3. Cheerish every minute with Piper. Even the times when I’m beyond exhausted. In those moments, I look into her eyes and I’m reminded of how perfect, beautiful, and special she is to me.

4. Embracing opportunities to talk and be with others. This is important for me to be aware of, as I am very much so an introvert. I could be locked in my house for the rest of my life and order everything I need from amazon, and be completely satisfied.

5. Take more time to bless, serve, and create order for my husband. It is easy to get wrapped up in the entensive needs of our infant but I am reminded that his needs are important too and he is my best friend forever, past the time our kids will move out and be joined together with their spouse.

Top nine photos from 2017:

Top row: entering the new year 2017 (left), announcing our pregnancy (middle), and us in Ireland (right).

Middle row: Seattle Sehawks game this year with my dad, brother, husband & two nephews (left), maternity photos (middle), and family photos (right).

Bottom row: Piper’s birth (left), Thanksgiving (middle), and Piper on Christmas morning (right).

Cheers to 2018!


One thought on “NEW YEAR & NEW MERCIES

  1. You are the best! And wow! Those pictures a a perfect discriprtion of your beautiful, horrible, and love filled year. I was blessed, and so amazed to see how you both held on and supported each other. Through it all, you came out stronger.
    Love, Momma.

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