Piper’s first Christmas white elephant party!



Our Christmas events began on the twenty-third of December. In the morning, my husband, piper, and I opened one gift. I gifted my husband, Levi, a leather journal that had Piper’s hand traced on the inside with a little note from his one-month-old daughter. Piper was gifted a camo carhartt onesie from her daddy. And Levi gifted me a Bosworth t-shirt, which brought tears to my eyes. As many know, I am a Seattle Seahawks fan. Bosworth, “The Boz”, is a former Seahawks player, and he was my Brother’s, Freddy, favorite player. It has been less than three months since my brother Freddy gained his wings in Heaven (to read more here is a link to the blog Freddy Got His Wings). On another note, my husband is a Detroit Lions fan and he is rubbing off on our daughter…

We “quickly” got ready for the rest of the day. By quickly I mean hours of running around getting ready between fulfilling the needs of our one-month-old infant, Piper.


This is the first day that Piper and I have attended church since her birth. We got Piper dressed up for her first time to church, Christmas service.

After church, we went to Nana and Papa’s house for a few gifts, sweet treats, and Piper snuggles.



IMG_1306 (1)

Every year we alternate spending Christmas with my in-laws and my parents. This year we spent Christmas Eve at my in-laws (Nana and Papa’s house). The morning of Christmas Eve, we aimed to be at Nana and Papa’s house at 9:00am, and Piper only made us 45 minutes late.

Once we arrived, we started with breakfast, followed by Christmas stockings. Next, we had the entertainment of our newphew, Chip, passing out the gifts under the tree. We started opening gifts one by one, including Piper who was incredibly spoiled. With our nephew being under two years old, we let him take a nap and put the Christmas gift-opening on hold. We finished gifts after his nap time and spent the rest of the day with family, resting, playing games, and snuggling Piper.



Piper’s last feeding during the night was at 5:00am and I couldn’t sleep any longer… I was too excited of the day ahead of us. I took this time to shower and get ready for the day, so I could take the rest of the morning to help get Piper ready for Christmas. My husband woke up around 6:00am and I made him a cup of coffee. We continued to have our own Christmas at home, starting with stockings and followed by gifts for each other. Although it would have been fun for Piper to be by the tree during the start of her first Christmas morning, we let her finish her morning nap. She joined us for the last few gifts, but of course is too little to know what is going on. She enjoyed the Christmas tree lights, seeing her mommy and daddy, and her pacifier.

After we finished our family Christmas at home, we went over to my dads house, Grandpa Fred’s house. Piper got some cuddles from her grandpa, and grandpa opened his stocking.

Next, we headed to my mother’s house, Grandma Jennie & Grandpa Chris’s house. We were able to join my mother, step-dad, brother Justin, his girlfriend and her three-year-old son. The adorable three-year old was very excited about gifts, so we went straight to stockings and gifts. Again, we were very spoiled, including Piper. We had breakfast, watched sports, snuggled Piper, and spent the time with family until a delicious prime rib dinner.

Note: Our family picture didn’t include Piper’s Christmas outfit thanks to a blow-out.

We ended the night by stopping at my father’s house to finish opening his gifts, get some more Piper hugs, and pick up our chocolate lab pup. What an amazing first Christmas for Piper!




My husband had this day off, so it felt like another day of Christmas. We took Piper to meet her great-grandfather, Homer. Visited with my mother, brother, his girlfriend and her son again. Next, we stopped at a few stores to do some Christmas exchanges and shopping.


This was truly the best Christmas, with the best gift given to us from God: baby Piper Lindsey!



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