This is a very difficult blog to write and post, but I am honored to write about my brother, Fred Lindsey Cheek JR. and how proud I am to be his sister. I call him “Freddy.” Although, we had names for each other. When speaking to me, since I was little, Freddy referred to himself as the “Capital C Crippler” and I was his “Little Capital C.”

Freddy was fifteen years older than me. We share the same amazing and loving father, Fred Lindsey Cheek SR. Although we’re half-siblings, it always felt like full-blood-siblings. His love for me, his little sister, was never hidden. He always expressed it and made it clear that he would take care of anyone who hurt or wronged me. This brother of mine had better skin than me, much prettier eyes and eyelashes than me, and he was a much better cook than myself (little turd)!

Freddy was a man that everyone looked at when he entered the room. He grabbed the attention of everyone… which could be because he was a big, tattooed man, but it was also because he had a presence that made everyone smile and have a good time.

Not only was Freddy an awesome, loving brother, he was an amazing dad of three incredible boys and he was a great son. I am so sorry, dad. A parent should never have to experience the loss of their child. I wish so badly that I could heal your heart, but I know it only hurts this badly because you loved your children with all of your heart. You have passed down so much love to Freddy and myself, in which we are able to share with our growing family. At the Celebration of Life, one of Freddy’s closest friends told me, “you have his big heart.” I know that we (Freddy and I) got our big hearts from our father. Thank you dad for loving us unconditionally, and in return, Freddy was able to love his three boys unconditionally: Trentin, Tanner, and Tucker. These three boys have my heart. They are my nephews, my family. I am so thankful for you three. Your Uncle Levi and Aunt KK will ALWAYS be there for you. Trentin, Tanner, and Tucker will carry and show Freddy through their lives, as he is with them every day and always will be – their number one fan.

Freddy got
his wings
on October 4, 2017

You may be wondering what happened. On September 24th, 2017, my husband and I went to pick up our dog. We pulled into my family’s driveway where I spotted my dad and two cops. I quickly jumped out of the car to hear the news: my brother was in a terrible motorcycle accident and was life-flighted to an excellent hospital. This is hard to write… I do not like re-living this night. Freddy was found unconscious at the scene. My dad, my husband, and I drove up to be with him that night. This was THE hardest week of my life. It was a rollercoaster of news from doctors, little sleep, and lots of prayer. We believe in God and believed that God can do miracles… we were praying for one. Freddy fought very hard but the damage to his brain was too severe and a week and three days later, Freddy got his wings on October, 4, 2017 at 3:06pm. Freddy registered as an Oregon donor, and through that decision, he saved the lives of three others. Freddy was an incredible, strong, and loving son, brother, and father!

I don’t have an answer to many of my questions, but I do believe and know in my heart that Freddy received his wings – in other words – he is in Heaven with our Heavenly Father. He is looking over us daily, and he will be apart of all of our lives, including my baby girl. He sure did love his niece already so much, even though she hadn’t (and still hasn’t) entered the world yet. When we told him that we were expecting, there were tears in his eyes and he wanted/knew it was going to be a baby girl. Though my heart hurts so badly because I miss him and I wanted him to hold my baby girl, I also am finding comfort in the fact that he is with Jesus and I will see him again one day.

The Obituary that I had printed in the News Paper on October 18, 2017:

Fred “Carl” Lindsey Cheek Jr., at the age of 40, received his wings and went to be with the Lord on October 4, 2017. He was born on July 14, 1977 in Arcadia, California. Fred Jr. was the son to Fred Cheek Sr., Ginna and Rocky Watson, a brother to Katlin and Levi Chappell, a soon-to-be uncle to a baby girl, and the best father to his three boys, Trentin, Tanner, and Tucker Cheek. Some of his hobbies were jujitsu, motorcycle riding, and snowboarding. He was a man with a strong presence, yet very loving heart. He loved his friends and family, especially his three precious sons that will carry on his legacy.



6 thoughts on “FREDDY GOT HIS WINGS

  1. Beautiful katlin . By reading all the posts on FB it is easy to see how loving and Respected Freddy was . What an impression he made on so many peoples lives .
    Love is eternal and Freddy will forever be your Big brother watching over you .He loved you all so much and will be forever in your hearts .


  2. Freddie was one of my son Seth’s best friends. They have been friends since the 7th grade. I always knew him as Carl growing up. Pete was Thor, Seth was Sethrock, Randy was Hotrod, and Fred was Carl. These four got in trouble together, laughed together and loved each other to the end. When I came home from work, I could tell something was very wrong. Seth looked like he had been crying which he had. He just simply said to me “He’s gone. I immediately knew whom he was talking about and just started crying with him. Your big brother had gained his wings! I know Heaven is rejoicing because of your brother’s presence. The room would light up when he entered. He was larger than life and loved life. When Seth was at Diamond Lake living, Fred came up to visit him and he rode his motorcycle. Seth said he had bugs in his teeth. We laughed! He lived his life with loyalty, fun, and flamboyancy. I think he went out the way he would have chosen. Friends are wonderful and your brother was a friend to the end! I, personally have never seen a group of friends that were so loyal, made time for each other, and loved each other as brothers. My heart hurts for you. Freddie lived his life to the fullest and will forever be missed!


    1. Thamk you so much for your sweet comment. It means so much. Yes, that group of “beastie boys” (as my dad called them) are awesome and loyal. Thank you and God bless you!


  3. Katlin such a way to honor your brother. We sure don’t know why god takes the best ones home too him. In his taking Fred he is helping others live. Continued prayers for you and your family.


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