OUR LIVES: During the second trimester, Levi was hired at Carrot, a local software company for real estate investors, and left his job at RiverBlendz Coffee. During this time, he continued to finish his degree online through Southern Oregon University and graduated in June, 2017… Levi wanted to be finished with school before we had kids and we made it… barely! In June, I decided to leave my job as an accountant and follow my dream of being a stay-at-home mom (with the support of my crazy cool husband). My last day of work was right before we left to Ireland on a vacation with my wonderful mother-in-law and father-in-law (see photo of us three in Ireland). This was obviously a very eventful time in our lives as many life changes were being made.

IMG_4419 (1)

From left to right: Agent Carrot, Carrot, Farmer Carrot, and Super Carrot from Levi’s work for our baby!


FINDING OUT THE SEX: We had it scheduled to find out the sex somewhere around twenty weeks. Although, we went into an appointment to see my doctor around eighteen weeks and we walked into the big room set up with ultrasound equipment. She had me lay down to look at the baby’s heartbeat and make sure everything looked good. My husband and I asked, “Is there anyway you can tell if it is a boy or a girl?” We expected her to answer our question, but she surprised us with her response. She knew that we were anxious to know the sex… but instead of answering our question with a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’, she replied, “It’s a GIRL!” There was no warning or build up… I quickly looked over at my husband’s face and we were shocked and excited! I had a gut feeling I was having a girl, but I never expected it to be true because of our family. I have three brothers, my mother has one brother, my dad has three brothers, and I have four nephews… this is going to be one spoiled little baby girl!

Left: Our precious little one and her perfect spin, and

Right: 3D picture of baby girl…

Thank you, Jesus.

Things to Avoid: Any seafood… oh man, say clear of seafood. Lots of meat did not sound appetizing to me, especially chicken!

Cravings: Ginger ale, sparkling water, and then the chocolate craving began!

Physically Feeling: More energized than the first trimester, yet still exhausted. During the second trimester, I really felt so much better.

Emotionally Feeling: I went from being very emotional to fairly emotionally stable.

Changes: Growing baby bump, hair got healthier, better energy level, and less nausea!

Weight: During my second trimester doctor appointments, I weighed 164lbs at the beginning and 170lbs at the end.

Favorite Thing to Wear: Maternity dresses and leggings.

In the Morning: Tired and hungry.

At Night: Tired and attentive to feeling baby move.

My Least Favorite Part of the Second Trimester: At one doctors appointment, we were informed that our baby girl has a two vessel umbilical cord. Any news like this can scare an expecting mom. Our doctor wasn’t too concerned about it, but said she was going to monitor baby girl closely and make sure that she continues to get a good amount of nutrients to grow at the normal rate.


My Favorite Part of the Second Trimester: Feeling the baby’s flutters for the first time around 16 weeks and noticeably feeling baby girl around 20 weeks often. Oh, and did I mentioned my awesome husband got me a MOM CAR (see photo)!

Most Memorable Parts of the Second Trimester: Feeling my baby girl flutter and thinking “was that her?”, seeing the incredible ultrasounds with my husband, finding out we were having a baby girl and sharing that news with family and friends.




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