First (left) and Second (right) Ultrasound Photos

OUR LIVES: On February 20th, 2017, we found out that I was pregnant. At this time, I was working full-time as an accountant. It was tax season so that meant around 50-55 hours a week! Life was very busy as I worked six days a week (1/2 days on Saturdays). My husband, Levi, was going to school full-time online through Southern Oregon University. On top of being a full-time student, he worked at a local coffee shop called RiverBlendz Coffee. Though children was always something we wanted, during the craziness of tax season and during the time Levi was attending school may not have been our exact plan. Yet… God always has a better plan.

IMG_3886 (1).JPG

FIRST DOCTORS VISIT: Our first doctors appointment was on March 14th, 2017. At this time, they estimated I was 7 weeks and 6 days. We were expecting a big appointment with ultrasounds… but that is not exactly what happened. I walked into my appointment and they asked for a urine sample. Levi and I sat in the waiting room until they called my name. Once my name was called, I had my first appointment with a midwife (not the my doctor that would be delivering our baby). This midwife sat down with Levi and I and asked us many, many questions. Towards the end, she asked, “do you have any questions?” And we replied, “so, did the test confirm I was pregnant….” We wanted to hear it from her. There were chills of excitement from the confirmation she gave us. She then continued to let us know our next steps and inform us that we would be scheduling an ultrasound in order to make sure everything looks good and “to see if there is just one….” I glanced over to Levi as she said these words and his face dropped, “Oh my, I didn’t think about that yet…”

SHARING THE NEWS: The first person we told was a dear friend, Kendall, because we asked her to make us baby onesies for our parents. Here is what each of them said:

My dad: Grandpa’s Littlest Seahawks Fan

My mom & step-dad: Coming to Grandpa and Grandma’s Farm in 2017

Levi’s mom and dad: Coming to Nana and Papa’s House in 2017

Last but not least, I surprised Levi with one: ESPN & Chill with Daddy

Our plan was to wait until the 23rd (after our first ultrasound) to tell our family… but we couldn’t wait. We had spent the weekend at my brother Justin’s house (even before my first appointment) and spilled the beans to him and his girlfriend on the 11th. After our first doctors appointment on the 14th, we went around to our family’s homes and shared the exciting news! The excitement was so much fun to share with some of the most amazing people in our lives: Levi’s parents (Chuck and Gloria), Levi’s Siblings and Spouses (Bethany, John, Abby, and Jeremy), My mom and step dad (Jennie and Chris), My dad, nephews, and brother (Fred, Trentin, Tanner, Tucker, and Freddy). It is so fun to remember the Chappell’s shocked faces, my mom almost peeing her pants, my dad’s excitement, and Freddy’s tears.


Things to Avoid: CASHEWS – I accidentally put them in my yogurt one morning and GEE was that a bad idea! Also avoiding: alcohol, caffeine, egg yolks, deli meat, seafood, etc.

Cravings: At the beginning, I simply craved water and felt like I was constantly SO thirsty. Later in the first trimester, I craved bread and tomato soup (this craving only lasted about a week).

Physically Feeling: Extremely tired!

Emotionally Feeling: E.M.O.T.I.O.N.A.L. (sorry husband).

Changes: Sore back, light cramps, chest growing, and super low energy level.

Weight: It fluctuated during first trimester. At my first appointment, I weighed 162lbs and at my last appointment of the first trimester, I weighed 161lbs.

Favorite Thing to Wear: Wool Socks with Birkenstocks and leggings.

In the Morning: Tired and nauseous (and nauseous waves throughout the day).

At Night: So tried (ready for bed around 6pm)!

My Least Favorite Part of the First Trimester: Nausea and super low energy level.

My Favorite Part of the First Trimester: The excitement and love between my husband and I, as well as the feeling of a bump growing!

Most Memorable Parts of the First Trimester: Finding out I was pregnant, seeing the first ultrasound, and sharing the news with family and friends.





4 thoughts on “FIRST TRIMESTER

  1. Oh that is so fun that you actually write all that! You always think, “oh I’ll remever that” but you don’t! So how cool will this be for baby Elle to read or say. ( ok, her name may not be Elle) my pick.
    Also you have honesty been the most beautiful woman with child I have ever seen! But for some reason that week 8 picture doesn’t look like you and made me laugh out loud!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, grandma. Yes that eight week picture makes me giggle too as I believe that was one of the “first trimester emotional days” of multiple tears and no makeup! Haha! Thank you for reading. Until next blog… Katlin


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