Mama’s Mia

Let me start by saying: I am writing this blog a little late because I’m currently running on #momtime. Life has been crazy and at times it has prohibited me from getting the post out on time, but I am determined to keep writing and posting them in order to document these special memories for Mia and I. I’ll look back on these posts years from now and be so glad that I stuck with it. In recent news, Mia started saying “mama” and I couldn’t be happier. She also makes toot noises and its adorable.


The doctor appointments have been a little behind schedule, so we didn’t get her weight until she was six and a half months, and at that time she weighed 19 lbs 8 oz.



Nurse. Repeat. Nurse. Repeat. Not much else to say.


She started a routine by herself each and every morning. Every morning between 9:30-10:00am, she goes down for her first nap of the day. She has been following this schedule religiously for a while now. I love to see a routine starting to develop, and I will continue to follow Mia’s lead, because ultimately she knows what is best for her body.


We have had a few bumps and bruises medically (literally) in our family recently. Piper broke her arm when she fell off a couch awkwardly, and we had to make our second trip up to Portland in order to check out Mia’s kidneys again. To recap, Mia had extra fluid in her kidneys (found in the ultrasounds taken during the pregnancy). The right kidney had healed on it’s own over time, but we had to go back up multiple times to check on the left kidney. Thankfully, things have improved and we saw progress in the right direction.


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