Let the Lamaze classes begin!


OUR LIVES: What a blessing it has been to be a stay-at-home mommy already. I thought my third trimester would consist of me staying in my pajamas and watching Netflix all day, but I’ve been kept very busy. I’ve been able to see more friends and family during this time that I am not working, and I am trying to take advantage of those times before I have a little one. I’ve been able to stay up on house work… as I love to stay home and clean and cook. Levi has been working so hard at Carrot to make this possible for me and our family, and I am thankful beyond words for his hard work. Although this trimester has been so wonderful for the most part, I have also experienced some of the hardest times of my life. As many know, my brother Freddy was in a motorcycle accident. He was found unconscious at the scene and life-flighted to a very nice hospital. For a full week, it felt like we lived at the hospital. We spent lots of time by his side, praying for him, and praying for a miracle. My brother passed on October 4, 2017, ten days after the accident. We have peace that he is in heaven with our Lord Jesus Christ, but miss him terribly. This traumatic event was the most difficult thing I have been through and unfortunately, my baby experienced it as well. I didn’t have an appetite, constantly stressed and anxious, and sleeping much too little. I am now focusing on being there for family and focusing on the health and needs of our baby girl.

Pardon My Bump
From left to right: my dad, Freddy, Tucker, Tanner, myself, and Levi

Funny Story: One of the many days that we were sitting in the hospital, my dad looks at me and says, “I hope you are taking care of Beretta.”

My husband and I laughed out loud, thinking he was joking. We knew Freddy told us that he thought the name should be Beretta.

My dad looks at us funny and says, “why are you laughing?”

I responded, “we haven’t decided on the name yet.”

“WHAT?” my dad said!

Little did we know, Freddy told our dad that my husband and I decided on a name: Beretta… yes, Beretta, like the pistol. My dad then told everyone!!

Things to Avoid: Still seafood. Nothing else specifically… just extra picky in general.

Cravings: The third trimester began with a huge craving of RANCH. I found this hilarious because before my pregnancy, I strongly disliked ranch. That lasted a few weeks. My cravings then continued: chocolate, taco bell, and caramel apple (caramel apple smoothies from Dutch Bros)!

Physically Feeling: HOT! Also, exhausted and putting my body through a lot after my brother’s accident.

Thank you to my mom for the pregnancy spa day!

Emotionally Feeling: The first part of my third trimester was great… I was no longer emotionally unstable and I was so very happy. Since Freddy’s accident, naturally, I’ve been very emotional.

Changes: Big baby bump and terribly sore feet!

Weight: At my first doctors appointment in the third trimester, I weight 173lbs. At my last appointment I weighed 191lbs. A total weight gain of 29 pounds in my entire pregnancy and all worth it for the bundle of joy!

Favorite Thing to Wear: Maternity dresses and tennis shoes (separate occasions mostly, since these wouldn’t look wonderful together).

In the Morning: Good and tired.

At Night: Tired and challenging to get comfortable.

My Least Favorite Part of the Third Trimester: The amount of heartache and time spent in the hospital. Not only did we go through a lot with my brother in the hospital and loosing him, my husband also lost his grandma a few weeks before, and we are still praying for my husband’s father (baby girl’s papa), who is sick in the hospital. This has definitely been the least favorite part of my trimester. We are praying for healing and health in our future, as our baby will sure bring joy to our lives.

My Favorite Part of the Third Trimester: I just absolutely love being pregnant. I love carrying around this baby girl, feeling her move and kick constantly, and showing off my growing belly.

Most Memorable Parts of the Third Trimester: I love the times where my husband has felt baby girl move. Those memories are so special to me (even though he feels her move once and quickly removes his hand because I think it is a little odd to him still, yet I know he loves it). He is just the most supportive and most amazing husband, who has been there for my in my pregnancy, and who has been there for me every minute in the chaos of the past month. He is my hero and will be the best daddy to our little girl.

Weekly Doctor Appointments:

35 weeks & 5 days: 50% effaced

37 weeks: Everything looked, sounded, and measured good

37 weeks & 6 days: 75% effaced & 1.5cm dilated

38 weeks & 4 days: Met with a different doctor; likely still 75% and 1.5cm

39 weeks & 4 days: 75% effaced and almost 3cm dilated!

40 weeks & 4 days: 80% effaced and 3.5cm dilated!


Stay tuned if you are interested in the birth story of our baby girl…


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