MEET-CUTE: A cute, charming, or amusing first encounter between romantic partners -Merriam Webster Dictionary

Before we get into the story, please ask yourself one question: do you predict our meet-cute to be A) cute, B) charming, or C) amusing?

At the age of thirteen, I moved to a private Christian school. At this Christian school, we were lucky to receive daily Bible classes. In the midst of one Bible class, the teacher was speaking about the topic of circumcision. Yes. You read correctly: circumcision. Being the shy and naive girl, I sat puzzled as I didn’t know what this meant, while everyone else around me seemed to be listening and not questioning it! After many minutes of the teacher speaking about circumcision, I leaned over to the nice, red-headed boy on my left: “hey, what does circumcision mean?” He seemed to be laughing and pretending I didn’t ask, as the color of his face seemed to change…or maybe that was the color of my face changing. This is our meet-cute. I believe the answer is: C) amusing!

Though our meet-cute was not considered cute or charming, we quickly became friends. The memories I have with Levi are so special to look back on; memories of laughter, passing hundreds of notes during class, and always being there for each other. As our friendship developed, we each began to have a crush on one another. I am not sure why we didn’t date, but God had a reason to keep our friendship strong. Levi later decided to transfer to the local public school. During this year, we were unable to spend as much time together and our lives slowly drifted apart. Though our lives were going in different directions, we never forgot about each other, nor did Levi stop coming to my house on holidays and birthdays with a gift in hand. I treasured each gift and each visit. My mother and I both recall me saying, “I think I am going to marry Levi one day.” Although, she remembers this conversation in the garage after picking me up from school, and I remember it taking place in the kitchen. Either way, I am thankful we share this memory.

There was no doubt that he was exactly the kind of man I was looking for in a husband. He was loyal, a great friend, always made me laugh, made me feel comfortable, encouraged me in the Lord, and not to mention… was a total babe! Although I felt this way, I never spoke my feelings because I assumed we both knew the truth. Time went by and I moved away to college, but he was always in my thoughts and prayers. It wasn’t until a hot summer day that I invited him over and read a note that shared my exact feelings. I knew it could risk our friendship, but he had to know the truth.

I gave the entire situation of my future husband completely into the hands of the Lord and in God’s perfect timing, he brought Levi back into my life. We began dating on New Years (January 1, 2012). Eight months and twenty-two days later he proposed, which is another story you will have to wait to hear.


Husband: “It better not have our first picture.”

Me: “Nope…” 🙂


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