Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 7.46.43 PMI loved these birthday party invitations with a little ginger princess like my baby girl. She was taking two naps a day at the age of one, so we planned it perfectly in-between those naps, although I am not sure her sugar-high and excitment allowed her to take a second nap. But yes, a princess party for our princess.

I spent the week (month) planning, the morning decorating, and my sweet husband and mother helped prep for it all. We decorated with banners, balloons, flower, candy jars, customized birthday book, and cookies shaped in the number one, hearts, and princess crowns. The delicious food that was provided by my mother and step father consisted of tri tip sandwiches (with bacon jam) and my moms famous roasted potato salad. A little fancy for a one year old birthday party, but she is a princess after all.

Princess Piper

She was very spoiled and this was proven by the full house we had: 25 adults and 12 children. She is very loved and our hearts are full by everyone that showed up to love on our princess.

Cake Time


It started out new and exciting, and quickly got to be a little too messy for this princess.

Overall, she had a royally beautiful birthday party. Mama and dada love you Princess Piper.


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