I am a little behind on my blog, but I have notes and pictures to catch you up to speed on our crazy, wonderful life and beautiful daughter. As she continues to grow, so does my heart!



Scooting is her way of getting around, but man, she can book it! She is mobile and getting into more things everyday.



Piper is talking a lot and it is adorable. A fun and common word is “uh-oh” as she proceeds to throw everything on the ground. In addition, every animal is considered a “doggie,” but she knows a cow says “mmmmm,” and laughs every time we tell her a dog says “woof woof.”


Loves dancing to music, including songs we sing and books. Her dancing wiggles are the cutest thing.


Piper is still getting up roughly two times each night. It’s hard for this mama to let her cry and her diapers have been mighty full during the night. My time nursing her is limited, so I took advantage this month of my cuddles with her during the night. It became very difficult for me when I got a bug (a flu, and then a week later, a cold). My milk supply decreased, but with prayer and perseverance, it came back (thank you, Jesus)!

Nap times during the day have been consistent and good. Well… good when she is home. It has been difficult for her to nap in other places that are not home.


Piper “give loves” to mommy and daddy, as well as all her baby dolls and stuffed animals by leaning in and sharing her drooly, wide-open mouth, or leaning her forehead onto us.


Another cute thing Piper is doing is holding shoes and socks up to her feet (with her foot high in the air) as she attempts to put them on.


As you can imagine, the 4th of October was a difficult day because it was the one year mark from loosing my brother. This day was packed full of emotions. Later in the afternoon, I was home alone with Piper and resting on the couch, while she took her second nap of the day. I randomly remembered that I hadn’t started my cycle for awhile and thought that I would take a pregnancy test. I had been taking monthly pregnancy tests for past six months, but this month it hadn’t even crossed my mind and I didn’t think I was pregnant. I was wrong! This is the day that I discovered Piper will be a big sister!!!



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