Hi there fellow mamas and friends!

Guess what?

Today is the day! Today is day ONE!


Everyone has heard “breastfeeding will melt away the fat,” but this isn’t always true. I have to admit, I thought the fat was melting away at the beginning, but then it stopped. I spent most of my day sitting on the couch nursing my baby girl or rocking her to sleep. And I do not regret a minute that I spent with her in those first couple months.

BUT now it is time for me to get in gear because…

Happy healthy mamas make happy healthy children!

Why today?

A week ago, I stumbled across a fitness coach on Instagram. She appeared to be sweet, fun, and motivating! With the link she had posted, I thought “why not apply to be apart of her program?” and I am so glad that I did! She messaged me back the following morning and we have been in touch ever since! Many know of the program called Beach Body On Demand (BOD). It is an online program with HUNDREDS of workouts and program options.

Now… with this grand idea of purchasing BOD, I had to ask my hubby! I went to him with this great idea. He wanted to know if I would REALLY go through with it. So he suggested that I work out daily for one week and prove that I am going to be able to stick with it. Some may think this is rude of him, but I loved the idea and it truly motivated me, because I really wanted to purchase it. I also proved to myself that I could do it!

Here I am… one week later and one workout accomplished daily!

The program that I chose with the help of my awesome coach is the 3 Week Yoga Retreat!

Even though my baby girl decided to skip her morning nap, I still finished day one of the 3 Week Yoga Retreat. We can do this, mamas!


I am so excited to start my journey and share with you along the way, including my results!

I took measurements, pictures, and weighed myself. Stay tuned for results!


5 thoughts on “HAPPY HEALTHY MAMA

  1. I find it funny that we both started working out the same day! I went to the gym for the first time in a while and it felt so good. I have a feeling you are much more determined than I am though. You go mama! I’ll do my best to continue working out every day as well!

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    1. I assure you that I’m no better than you! You go girl! So good to do something for our health and body. Much love! Xo


  2. i am sooo impressed! It’s not always easy when you have those tired momma days! But will always make you feel better when you push through! I know you are a determined girl that always pushes through anything! And what a great example of health you are to Piper!

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